2013 Scorecard Sponsors

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The Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition (SVTC) believes that we still have time to ensure that the solar PV sector is safe for the environment, workers, and communities. We need to take action now to reduce the use of toxic chemicals in PV, develop responsible recycling systems, and protect workers throughout the global PV supply chain.

SVTC envisions a socially just and sustainable solar PV industry that:

  1. Takes responsibility for the environmental and health impacts of its products throughout their lifecycles, including adherence to a mandatory policy for responsible recycling.
  2. Implements and monitors equitable environmental and labor standards throughout product supply chains.
  3. Pursues innovative approaches to reducing and ultimately eliminating toxic chemicals in PV module manufacturing.

For over three decades, SVTC has been a leader in encouraging electronics manufacturers to take lifecycle responsibility for their products. This includes protecting workers from toxic exposure and preventing hazardous e-waste dumping in developing countries like India, Ghana, and China that lack the proper infrastructure to protect workers and the environment. SVTC also seeks to stop the practice of sending e-waste to U.S. prisons for dismantling, which results in toxic exposure to inmates.